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My name is Jen and I’m a wedding photographer in Toronto, Niagara, and other areas of southern Ontario. I love photography because it can capture new beginnings. Whether it’s finding love, new life of your children, or a milestone as you live, to remember is to celebrate. Feel free to reach out to talk about how we can work together.

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I live on my phone, and computer. You can find me:

A Few Random Things About Jen
In August 2014, my life changed. After completing a business program at York University, I was a full time chartered accountant living the 9 to 5 work week. At that time, I realized the only way I could wake up every morning enjoying life, was to pursue photography. It is my gift, and I knew that sharing the way I see the world with others. With that vision set in my sights, I made the leap into full time wedding photography, and have never looked back.

I’m also into:

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gigantic tulle dresses

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coffee, tea, and beverages

Lastly but most importantly, Jon

Lastly but most importantly, Jon


I’ve been featured in these wedding publications. Big thanks to the editors, and all of the vendors involved.

THE WEDDING CO. - New Boutique-Style Wedding Show

Erika Nate Wedding 18

Makeup Contouring 101-6
Erika Nate Engagement Osgoode Hall Jennifer Xu Photography 7b
THE WEDDING CO. - New Boutique-Style Wedding Show