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Jennifer Xu Self Portrait

My name is Jen and I’m a wedding photographer specializing in destination weddings, engagements, and fine-art weddings based in Toronto. I have a passion for capturing love stories in natural light with bright and airy images.

I love preserving memories during weddings and engagements, and stories about two people coming together to become one family. The big moments like the first kiss, seeing each other down the aisle are significant, but also are the little ones like the way you look at each other, a gentle kiss on the forehead, and sharing a laugh. I can’t wait to experience and capture these moments alongside you.

Vancouver Banff Whistler Jennifer Xu Photography 103

Jon, my significant other, and I have traveled to Japan, Banff, and California recently, which were our favourite destinations.

I’m all about Louis CK, the gym, food (japanese and matcha everything), and the great outdoors like cottaging, hiking. And capturing real chemistry, best friends, in beautiful places.

Get in touch, and tell me about you.

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